History of Brazil Food

In Brazil, a melting pot defines not only races but its food as well.

The traditional food of Brazil is a combination of many different cultural inheritances that have mixed and created a very interesting and unique cuisine. Originally, the food of Brazil was created by the native indigenous, who have given most of the main roots of the actual gastronomy of the country.
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Caipirinha & Brazilian Cocktails
The food of Brazil uses much fish, meat, tropical fruits, rice, beans, and manioc, among others. These main ingredients can be found in most regions of the country, although the most popular dishes of one region often are not the same as in other region of the same
Where to Eat in Brazil
A simple and usually inexpensive option, which is also advisable for vegetarians, is comida ? quilo or comida por quilo restaurants (literally "food by the kilo"), a buffet where food is paid for by weight. Another common style is the all-you-can-eat restaurant
Cuisines by Regions
South The Italian polenta is very popular in Southern cuisine. The south of Brazil comprises the states of Paran , Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. The ga£cho contributed to the national cuisine with dishes
Brazilian Gastronomy Festival in London
VBRATA is planing the Taste of Brazil Gastronomy Festival in partnership with all Brazilian restaurants in the UK. Please visit our web site again in the next few months to find out more details about this exciting festival.