If you are considering a visit to Brazil, let VBRATA be the first to welcome you. We are here to help you get the most out of planning and travelling to Brazil.

VBRATA is a European based not-for-profit organisation whose members are dedicated and committed to promoting Brazil as a tourist and cultural destination to both the travelling public and the European travel trade, especially in the UK, Italy and German.

The association is supported by the regional, state and municipal tourist offices within Brazil. In the UK we have the support of EMBRATUR - Brazilian Tourist Office and the Embassy of Brazil in London as well as our membership that is made up of the UK based tour operators, airlines and hotel groups with specialist knowledge of Brazil.

When it comes to getting good and sound advice on travelling to and around Brazil, contact a VBRATA member. They are the real experts on everything Brazilian. You can find the contact details of our members by clicking on Members at the above menu.

With the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016, this is the time for Brazil. All Brazilians look forward to welcoming you with open arms, just like the statue of Christ the Redeemer looking down on Rio de Janeiro.


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London, 01 October 2014

The State of Minas Gerais is officially VBRATA's Destination of the Year.

Our main promotional focus with Minas Gerais is on history, culture and ecotourism with emphasis on Belo Horizonte, Inhotim, Royal Road (Estrada Real), Historical Cities and National Parks.

The hospitality of the people of Minas Gerais, where "there is always room for one more at the table!" is famous throughout Brazil. Minas Gerais, also known as Minas, caters for many tastes, preferences, interests and desires, from the Adventure Tourist to those who want to relax, children and senior citizens, rural and urban. To experience the variety and beauty of Minas Gerais, it's not enough to just read about it you must experience it for yourself. You will be very welcome!

Minas Gerais has about 60% of the Historic Brazilian National Landmarks, with centuries old cities portraying the grandeur of Brazil's history. No traveller can fail to admire an authentic baroque church, an infinite horizon or even a plate of ora-pro-nobis. Minas Gerais is also a huge stage for artistic events, exported nationally and internationally. And here you find ideal destinations to relax and take care of mind and body. Visiting Minas Gerais is much more than just a tourist trip, it is to build a lasting experience with nature.

A place where the exuberance of nature combines with the simplicity of the past and where people live in harmony with the new.  The State of Minas Gerais holds surprises for both those who enjoy tranquillity and for those who prefer the rush of adrenaline. For those fascinated by food and young people in search of fun.

The Hidden Treasures of Minas Gerais: A collection of towns and villages that make up one of mankind's great colonial legacies, this in a country that is full of artistic and architectural masterpieces. At last count, Brazil boasts no less than 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of which the towns of OuroPreto and Diamantina, and the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos in Congonhas, are in Minas Gerais.

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This is Brazil's time. This is Brazil's moment in the sun. Not that the sun has ever been missing from Brazil, even in the country's darkest hours of military dictatorships, economic meltdown and the global energy crisis.

Today Brazil is one of the world largest and most politically stable democracies. It lends money to the IMF, and despite the recent global economic troubles, its economy is booming both on the domestic and international front.

Recent massive oil and gas finds, along with its well-developed biofuels programme, make Brazil a serious player in the energy market, whatever measurement you choose to go by.

Brazil in the past decade has stepped out from the shadows to take its place at the top table, and not only as the regional leader in South America, both economically and politically, but also as a global leader. When Brazil speaks, people and governments around the world now sit up and take note.

And the future looks even more promising. Brazil, a country synonymous with the brilliance of its football team, hosted the Confederations Cups in 2013 and the FIFA World Cup in 2014/ and follow that up by hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 (5-21 August).

If ever there was a time to come and discover what Brazil has to offer, either for business or leisure (the pleasure is a given), it is now.

With the support from our partners and organisations in Brazil we produce our yearly brochure which is also available online.

So let's get down to the basics and introduce you to our friend Brazil.

To view our online brochure Click here

Brazil is the giant of the Latin American region. It is the world's fifth largest nation in terms of area and population. Its landmass is far larger than Europe combined or the continental USA, and it is just a small matter of being over 28-times larger in area than Italy. Brazil is not really a country, it is more of a continent and you can't explore continents in just a couple of days, so do give yourself the time to do Brazil justice when you do come visiting.

Brazil currently has a population of approximately 193 million. There are 23 metropolitan areas in the country with a population of over one million, of which São Paulo is the largest with 21 million residents, and Rio de Janeiro second with just over 12 million.

For business Brazil is one of the world's largest and fastest growing economies and markets. The country is home to the world's third largest stock exchange; it is one of the world's top eight agricultural producers; it has the largest healthcare market in Latin America; Embraer is the world's third largest commercial airline manufacturer; Brazilians are the largest consumers of luxury products in Latin America and the world's eighth largest luxury goods market; the country is the seventh largest producer of vehicles in the world; and 45% of all energy consumed in Brazil already comes from renewable sources. The numbers are impressive and that is why so many British business executives find themselves on a plane to Brazil, a country that is the UK's most important trading partner in Latin America.

Latin America's largest industrial and commercial centre, and often the gateway to Brazil through its international airport, is SãÆo Paulo. The city is known for being the economic engine that pulls the rest of the Brazilian economy behind it. São Paulo, you will also discover, is one of the world's great cosmopolitan cities and is only not better known and respected due to the proximity of its somewhat more famous and infamous neighbour, Rio de Janeiro.

If people have only heard of one city in Brazil or South America, it will be Rio de Janeiro. A city of unrivalled beauty and fun, once the country's capital it is rapidly regaining its importance as a business centre thanks to being at the very heart of the Brazilian oil and gas industries. Hosting the 2016 Olympics does no harm either.

Rio has been a global icon ever since Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers started "flying down to Rio" back in the 1920s. It is glamorous, sexy and fun. A major city, yet also a tropical beach resort.

Rio is home to globally recognizable attractions that include the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado Mountain; Sugar Loaf Mountain; the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema; and the Maracanã, a stadium built for the 1950 World Cup which will now again host the World Cup Final, this time in 2014, and the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2016 Olympics.


The World Cup 2014 Brazil logo was officially launched in Johannesburg on 09th July 2010 and FIFA president Sepp Blatter says that he is impressed with the new 2014 World Cup logo launched in Johannesburg..

"I like it because of the three hands going round. This is the human face of football; this is about humanity because football is more than just kicking a ball. It is more than a game."

The logo's interlinking hands in the yellow and green of Brazil and shaped like a trophy aim to enhance Brazil's image as a warm, hospitable nation. The design is taken from an iconic photograph of three hands triumphantly raising the World Cup.

The 2014 World Cup is heading to Brazil! The greatest football spectacle of them all will be heading to the country that introduced the notion of the beautiful game. For the first time in 64 years, football's biggest event will grace Brazil's shores and a feast of football is sure to be served up in front of passionate crowds.  12 cities will host the games in 2014.

For further information visit www.fifa.com/worldcup

London, 08 July 2010:
VBRATA - Visit Brazil Travel Association - a not-for-profitmaking organisation dedicated to promoting Brazil as a tourist and cultural destination in the UK - was officially launched in London on 8 July 2010 and it was a huge success!

We had a full house with over 75 guests including some of the most important UK based tour operators and airlines. We introduced the association to all partners and all of them are already signing up to be our member.

We will have a good selection of tour operators' members from the large multiple tour operators to smaller specialised companies.

Activities currently being planned by VBRATA include events, fam trips, online training for travel agents, workshops, advertising and PR campaigns.

During the event, a Promotional London Taxi was presented to guests and it looks amazing!!

Tour Operators wishing to become a member should contact us or apply online here